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Quotes of the Day: To make the world work, for 100% of Humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation; without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone. -Buckminster Fuller, California "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" ---------------------------------------- .earth.love is a Planetary directory for LOCAL goods, services, resources, arts, crafts, local music on our Earth! Dedicated to YOUR health, desires, opportunities, sharing, social connections, knowledge, ancient wisdom, and Spirit. Dedicated to Conscious Unity. Talk to your elders today! Active Projects... 101.37 - Index creation and search. THE PLAN for Unity Consciousness: VALUES: Our Planetary Community Values center around a caring and sharing economy. ECONOMY IS NOTHING MORE THAN EFFICIENCY (from Greek Translation) Catch Phrase: Unity Consciousness ---------------------------------------- 1. Love & Trust 2. Peace & Respect 3. Coexist Globally 4. Share Knowledge Globally 5. Collaborate Globally 6. Find Purpose 7. Pursue your Craft MISSION: Our Planetary Mission as Team Human is to Care for our Habitat and fellow humanity. Care for Mother Earth (ME) ---------------------------------------- 1. Water 2. Energy 3. Animals 4. Community 5. Resources 6. Earth 7. Sustainability


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